Client Testimonials

Here's what students are saying about Dynamic Dance by Kendra Wilson:

"Besides her knowledge of ballroom dancing, professional accomplishments, and unlimited choreographic skills, it is Kendra's patience and sense of humor that I value the most as a ballroom dance instructor. She makes dancing fun!" 


                                                     - Sheryl

"My husband and I began private lessons with Kendra to prepare for our son's wedding. We've had so much fun and learned so much that we continued our private lessons and have also joined the weekly group classes. It's a fun way to spend time together and to meet a lot of really great people."


                                                            - Sue

"I highly recommend taking ballroom dance lessons with Kendra Wilson. Kendra's warm, charming manner coupled with her extensive dance experience are an encouragement to me. Not only is she a wonderful dance instructor, but my fellow classmates are a great group, always welcoming and upbeat, which Kendra models. We all do have a lot of fun! Each lesson brings me a great deal of joy. I am grateful that Kendra shares her passion of this enriching art form."

                                                                     - Becky

"Kendra's teaching technique and fun personality are very much appreciated, as is her patience. It is clear that she genuinely cares for her students."


                                                            - Charlie

"Kendra epitomizes what a dance instructor should be.....patient, knowledgeable and caring. She never criticizes any one person but in her kind, pleasant tone says "some of us are..." and then proceeds to teach us the correct manner in which the steps should be performed. Just come and take some lessons and I am sure you will agree you enjoyed great exercise while having a lot of fun. You can learn to dance even if you never had a dance lesson in your life...I did! I anxiously await my dance night with Kendra. Hope to see you there!!"


                                                                     - Ruby

"Dancing changed my life for the better, and Kendra played a huge part in that. Dancing takes me to another dimension of myself and helps me in my daily life as well. It teaches me to be more present in the moment. The enjoyment of dance (and life) is not to reach a spot on the dance floor, but to enjoy each step along the way. Learning to dance is difficult (especially so for the leaders). Kendra's enthusiasm, encouragement, patience, sincerity, and pure expression of joy in her love of dance and desire to share dance with others, contributes to the awesome person and dance teacher that she is."

                                                                     - Rick

"Having absolutely no experience in any form of dance I was extremely reluctant in trying something new. Initially consumed by pride and fearful of being perceived as foolish, Kendra’s teachings and patience aided immediately in alleviating any potential concerns. The environment and energy level generated by her presence and the camaraderie amongst her students have helped in developing a solid foundation with a variety of dance styles and techniques. I am thankful I opted to step outside of my comfort zone and delve into something new. I can’t imagine not dancing and notice the simplest of lessons acquired in class trickle into my daily activities."


                                                                 - Jason

"Working on ballroom dance steps with Kendra is a delight. Kendra's elegance, dancing skills, smile and beauty enhance 'our' performance. We enjoyed our first class so much that we called our friends and now have three other couples attending classes with us!!! All of the couples cannot wait for our weekly classes."                       


                                                                   - Shirley